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Beers Made By Walking 2013 - Spirit Guide

Beers Made By Walking 2014 – Boulder Beer Company

Mark your calendars, this year's Beers Made By Walking event is October 8th in Denver - We'll be pouring Spirit Guide Chokecherry Stout! 

  1. Name of beer:  Spirit Guide
  2. One or two sentence description of beer – Spirit Guide is a Chokecherry Stout brewed with generous amounts of local Colorado plants and herbs including Dandelion & Milk Thistle for bittering and Echinacea & Chokecherries for flavoring.
  3. Special ingredients in the beer – Dandelion, Milk Thistle, Echinacea, Chokecherries, and Homegrown Hops. We chose these ingredients because they were seen on our hike at Chautauqua Park and are represented throughout Colorado.
  4. ABV – 7%
  5. Where was your walk/hike -  We left from the Ranger Cottage at Chautauqua Park, headed across the Chautauqua Green, up the Lower McClintock and Upper McClintock, cut around the Bluebell Shelter to the Bluebell Baird Trail, down toward Gregory Canyon, and back along the Baseline Trail. We hiked for about 3 hours.

More details:


The Story:
Our beer was inspired by all of the herbs and plant life around us on our hike- especially those that can be used for brewing, teas, tinctures and medicinal purposes. Our overall goal is to achieve an herbal, healing beer. You’ll get your delicious beer and herbal remedy- all in one!

Throughout this process, we learned a lot about the healing properties of the plants we chose to use. For example, Echinacea is an herbal supplement used to boost immune function. Milk Thistle has been used medicinally for several thousand years, traditionally recommended to protect the liver and treat liver disease. Dandelion is recommended for liver problems, kidney disease, heartburn and upset stomach. Dandelion is also rich in vitamins C, D, A, and the B complex, contains iron, potassium, zinc, and natural antioxidants.

We teamed up with Doug Hill, a Volunteer Naturalist with the City of Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks Department and Founder/Head Instructor at Gone Feral. Doug chose the McClintock trails because of how lush, shady, and diverse they are. “Being a riparian area through there, it's naturally wetter, which leads to a healthy, diverse population of plants,” Doug stated. Our highlight of the day was when we spotted a Black Bear! We saw a ton of Chokecherries throughout our hike and learned that they are a Black Bear’s favorite food. With Doug’s guidance, we were able to identify 50+ plants!

 Boulder Beer Company was started in 1979 by two professors at the University of Colorado who received the 43rd brewing license issued in the United States, and Colorado’s First Craft Brewery was born. We have a 50-barrel brew house with top-of-the-line packaging equipment, a full menu Pub and a patio under the Flatirons. Our two top selling brands include Mojo IPA and Hazed & Infused Dry-Hopped Ale. Spirit Guide was brewed on our 50 gallon pilot brew system in two brews, making roughly 100 gallons of beer.

Sam Green is the brewer responsible for our BMBW beer. Sam has been brewing professionally for about 5 years. “I learned a lot with the creation of this particular beer,” said Sam. “There were multiple variables and many “unknowns” but that’s what makes it fun- constantly learning, adapting, adjusting and manipulating to make the unknown become a little less unknown.”

See you at the event!