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Beers Made By Walking 2015 - Honey Hips Brown Ale

Beers Made By Walking (BMBW), is the program that invites brewers to create place-based beers inspired by plants found on nature trails. The 2015 BMBW Denver Festival on Wednesday, September 23. The event is during Great American Beer Festival at the outside space of Our Mutual Friend Brewing Company from 4:30-8pm. Check out what we've brewed up this year! 

Beers Made By Walking 2015 – Boulder Beer Company - Honey Hips Brown Ale

  1. Name of beer: Honey Hips Brown Ale
  2. One or two sentence description of beer – An experimental honey brown ale brewed with toasted sunflower seeds and pine nuts in the mash, with wildflower honey and rose hips added in the boil.  Low hop bitterness, with herbal, flowery notes from the rose hips.  Roasted, malty flavor from the specialty malts and toasted nuts and seeds
  3. Special ingredients in the beer – Rose hips, toasted sunflower seeds, toasted pine nuts and wildflower honey. We added these ingredients because of the plants that were seen on our urban hike and are represented throughout the Colorado terrain.
  4. ABV – 6.6%
  5. Where was our walk/hike - We set out on our hike in early-August, starting at the train tracks across the way from Boulder Beer Company.  We decided to go on an urban hike this year to discover what edible plants were right in front of us! After following the tracks for a bit, we turned toward town and ventured along the Goose Creek path until we reached the Boulder Junction area on Pearl Street. From there, we cut up to Spruce Street and headed downtown. We took 17th street to get to the Boulder Creek path and followed the path up to 13th street. You won’t believe how many edible plants we saw along the way!


Check out photos from our hike and brew day:

Our beer was inspired by all of the herbs and plant life around us on our urban hike. Our overall goal was to achieve a unique, toasty and slightly sweet brown ale that celebrates the beginning of fall! We wanted to create a beer recipe that was unique to our portfolio and to the Beers Made By Walking Program.

Throughout this process, we learned a lot about the edible plants that surround us on a daily basis. We came across more than 50 edible plants along the way. Who knew there were so many species right in town! We teamed up again this year with Doug Hill, a Volunteer Naturalist with the City of Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks Department and Founder/Head Instructor at Gone Feral. We chose an urban hike this year because we wanted to try something different and were curious what we’d find so close to home. “Train tracks and other 'waste places' lend themselves to great collection sites,” explained Doug. “There are lots of edible plants growing in the cracks of sidewalks, along streets, as 'weeds' in people's gardens.”

Along with the many sunflowers, rose hips and seeds we saw along the way, we also discovered honey locust trees, cattails, sumac, alfalfa, mallow, wild lettuce, apple trees, clover, pine trees, Lambsquarter, echinacea, and Rocky Mountain maple trees - to name a few. We learned that both the petals and the hips of a wild rose plant are edible. Also, you can eat all parts of a Cattail, it just depends on the time of year. Have you ever heard the saying, “Let the wind blow the paper away?” We learned that this was inspired by the seeds of a Dock plant because they are paper thin and spread by being blown in the wind.

Boulder Beer Company was started in 1979 by two professors at the University of Colorado, establishing Colorado’s First Craft Brewery. There were only 42 other breweries in operation at that time, making us the 43rd. We have a 50-barrel brew house with top-of-the-line packaging equipment, a full menu Pub and a patio under the Flatirons. Our three top selling brands include Shake Chocolate Porter, Mojo IPA and Hazed Hoppy Session Ale. Honey Hips Brown was brewed on our 55 gallon pilot brew system in one brew. Head Brewer, Steve Trese is the brewer responsible for our BMBW beer. Steve has worked for Boulder Beer Company for more than 20 years. 

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