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Bump 'n' Rind Watermelon Cooler

Summer is just around the corner and watermelon is a classic summer staple on our picnic tables. Our Pub manager, Brady Kelleher, created a fun summer cocktail with our new refreshing summer brew, Bump 'n' Rind Watermelon Kolsch. Enjoy during the dog days of summer or at your next pool party. 


1 shot vodka (1.5- 2 oz) 
6 oz watermelon puree
6 oz Bump 'n' Rind Watermelon Kolsch


Fill a glass with ice and add vodka of your choice. Cut up chunks of seedless watermelon and throw in a blender to make the watermelon puree. Fill the glass halfway with watermelon puree and shake. Top the glass with Bump 'n' Rind Watermelon Kolsch and stir. Bonus points if you serve it out of a watermelon keg!