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Mojo: A Man's Best Friend

We love hearing from our fans. People write in telling us everything from what their favorite beer is to how they met their fiance at our pub. This story however, tugged at our heartstrings and we wanted to share it with you. Meet Mojo the dog.

Jack Frazee and his wife Indy adopted Mojo in 2007 from the Humane Society in Colorado Springs. "We adopted Mojo the day after we returned from our honeymoon," said Jack. When they first met Mojo, his name was actually Jack as well. "We couldn't have two Jacks in the house so we named him after my favorite beer," Jack explained. 

Mojo, a Lab/Rhodesian mix, was estimated to be about 2 years old in 2007 when he was adopted. This month, Jack, his wife and their son Jackson, had to say goodbye to their beloved dog, Mojo. "With the birth of our son Jackson, Mojo became a great brother and protector for the new addition to our family," Jack said. "He was always very gentle when Jackson was small." 

Mojo enjoyed running with the Frazee's ATVs, retrieving balls and swimming. "Running got harder the older he became but even this last summer he would swim out to the middle of Grandma's pond," said Jack. "Mojo also LOVED to be pet all the time and lay with us. Being 85 pounds, he still managed to crawl into your lap or guilt you into letting him on the bed." 

We'd like to raise our glass to Mojo for being a great companion and to the Frazees' for sharing their story. "Mojo has changed our lives in more ways than we ever realized, until it was his time to fetch his final ball," said Jack. Cheers, Mojo! You had a great life and will be dearly missed!