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Mug Shots - Blue Pritchard

Blue & Roxy.jpg

Take a peek beyond the beer you love to drink with our blog series titled, "Mug Shots." There are a lot of folks here at Boulder Beer who play a huge role in our day to day success. This is our way of introducing you to the team that makes it all happen. It’s time for you to meet Blue Pritchard, one of our servers at The Pub!

Blue grew up in Virginia, “the moonshine capital of the nation” and moved to Colorado 10 years ago for the adventure and beauty. After spending time on the East coast she was ready to be on the Westside of the Mississippi. Kristen is the name on Blue’s birth certificate, but her Mom and Dad started calling her Blue because of the song “Baby Blue” by Bob Dylan – coincidentally her eyes are also a striking bright blue!

In one week, Blue is moving to Montrose, CO to work on her friend’s hemp farm. “I’ve never worked on a CBD farm, but I’m so excited for this new adventure and opportunity.” Don’t forget the sunscreen and big floppy hat! After that she is planning on seeing where life takes her and her precious 16 year old Pitbull named Roxy.

When Blue isn’t working at Boulder Beer she loves practicing yoga, hanging out with Roxy, going on hikes, hula-hooping, and listening to live music. You’ll have to come back and visit us for live music on the patio! “My southern roots shine through with my favorite menu item, The Southern Fried Chicken Sandwich.” Yumm! She likes to pair that with a Hazed & Infused Pale Ale. A memory that she will always remember involves our late-night employee hangout of The Outback Saloon. “It was an after party of the 38th Anniversary Celebration, and I was still pretty new to the brewery. Everyone said they were going to The Outback and I thought we were all getting steaks. I walked in and realized ‘ohh wait, this is way better than steaks.’ It was karaoke night and I just fell in love with everyone who worked here.” Blue made sure to mention how bartender Larry’s karaoke (Larry-oke) really brings out the best in everyone.

Thanks Blue, for all you do! We appreciate you and will miss ya!