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Mug Shots: Meet Carrie Collins

Take a peek beyond the beer you love to drink with our blog series titled, "Mug Shots." There are a lot of folks here at Boulder Beer who play a huge role in our day to day success. This is our way of introducing you to the team that makes it all happen. It's time for you to meet Area Sales Manager, Carrie Collins! Known for her passion for pink, nature, camo and anything sparkly, Carrie has been in the beverage industry since her early 20's and is very passionate about her job. Her bubbly personality and contagious laugh will have you looking forward to your next Carrie encounter!

Known as "The Deer Whisperer" to friends and family, Carrie grew up spending a lot of quality time outdoors. Her first camping trip was when she was two weeks old. She has lot's of fond memories of growing up on Carter Lake where she would water ski, fish and hike. Carrie is a Colorado native and currently lives in Longmont with her husband Jason. The couple has been married for 13 years. Jason is an avid fisherman and overall outdoorsman. Carrie met Jason early on as he was her youngest uncle's best friend. (She has over 200 family members who live within a 50 mile radius.) Carrie is very close with her grandmother and also with her niece and nephew, whom she helped raise. When she's not traveling for work, Carrie spends most weekends camping, hiking or fishing. Now, she spends time at Beaver Lake where she volunteers for the American Legion doing everything from coordinating parties to organizing tournaments. She even won 1st place in a fishing tournament at the lake last summer! "My family and I are huge supporters of the vets!" said Carrie. Her grandfather is a vet and also her connection to Beaver Lake, a private lake near Ward, Colorado. "We are very privileged to be there and owe it all to my grandpa," explained Carrie. 

Carrie graduated from Niwot High School and attended Miami Dade College. While in Miami, Carrie had a great time modeling and traveling to New York City. She even toured with a band as a dancer! Before long, Carrie found herself in the beverage industry, working as one of MGD's "Cold Patrol" promo girls. Here's a breakdown of her job history and how it got her to where she is today:

1.) Centennial Beverage - MGD Cold Patrol promo girl
2.) Tower Beverage - trained promo reps
3.) CDC Denver - recruited to be a Coors promo rep. Soon, she became an on-premise assistant sales manager
4.) High Country Beverage - on premise sales manager
5.) Recruited by Boulder Beer! Carrie has worked for Boulder Beer Company for 14 years. She is an Area Sales Manager and in charge of sales in Utah, Arizona, Colorado Springs, and New Mexico. And let us just say, she's killin' it! :)

"Boulder Beer drew me in because I'm from Boulder County and passionate about talking about my backyard," said Carrie. "I love our beer and it’s truly a great thing when you believe in what you're selling." If Carrie had to list three favorite things about the industry, it would be the people she meets, the places she travels to and the fun she has doing it all. "I've built so many relationships with people from my accounts, that you truly do become friends with them," Carrie said. "Next thing you know, you're attending their baby showers and weddings!" Luckily, Carrie loves to travel and experience different ways of life. “I also love trying hard to find beers," Carrie said. For example, while in Wisconsin for a crew drive last summer, she and co-worker Lindey Miller went on a mission to try all the fun New Glarus beers they could find. Carrie's super outgoing personality, passion for craft beer and confidence have sure gotten her a long way. "I was at Coors when Blue Moon rolled out," said Carrie. "I saw craft beer take off and loved watching the transition." Carrie was working in the LoDo area at the time, and had a blast doing promos at all the fun up and coming bars. "I also went to a lot of Nugget and Avalanche games," said Carrie. She even once went to a Super Bowl party at Pat Bowlen's house (owner of the Denver Broncos) as - get this - a guest of Kool and the Gang! (Yup, you meet a lot of cool people in the beverage industry.)

Carrie also has tons of fond memories working with our Area Brand Manager, Jessica Graefenhain. (Read more about Jess here.) These two have been double trouble since their 20's when they both lived in downtown Denver and worked in the beverage industry. Years later, Jess help connect Carrie to Boulder Beer and their adventures continue. Carrie recalled some fun times at Lake Powell with Jess and the crew. "We did a lot of really cool CDC incentive trips together," said Carrie. "I have a lot of incredible memories with Jess." For example, the Slap n' Tap promos at Loveland Ski Area. They would slap stickers on people on the ski slopes and then folks could redeem the stickers for free 'tap' beers. Also, there was the Brew & Canoe trip when she and Jess woke up with Pringles stuck all over their faces. (We won't even ask...) Carrie also fondly recalled the nights she poured beer at the Louisville Street Fair. "They were such beautiful Colorado nights," said Carrie. "Add in great live music and beer and it really was a great time!"

Today, Carrie is still the queen of events and meeting all sorts of amazing people. She spends a lot of time traveling but every day is different. "My travel schedule is based on seasonality and territorial needs," said Carrie. Every day is different, but here's an overall summary of some of her job duties in her current position:

* Distribution Management - inventory and shipments, seasonal roll-outs, do they have what they need?

* On & Off Premise Sales - organizing crew drives
* Promos/events/festivals - there's always something going on!
* Incentives - motivate distributor reps to sell more
* Programming - focus, Beer of the Month, etc.
* Account support and managing chain accounts - ok, we do a little QC from time to time ;)
* Improve on last year’s numbers and gain new sales continuously - ongoing
* Admin duties - bill backs, expense reports, travel arrangements, event registration, presentations.

When Carrie is at the brewery, her favorite menu item is the Tuna Melt, add jalapenos. Her favorite Boulder brew is Killer Penguin. Her favorite year round brand is Mojo IPA. She also loves Firestone Walker Double Jack. For anyone out there looking to get into the brewing industry, Carrie has some advice for you. "I recommend starting with a big distributor to get your foot into the beverage industry," Carrie said. "Take in as much training as you can get in every area that you can. That way, you will show up at a craft brewery with great knowledge and appreciation of the craft." Carrie has also mentored two people in the past who have grown to become very successful. It's not just a job for her- it's an opportunity for her to help people learn and grow. "I am extremely grateful for this opportunity," said Carrie. "This job offers a quality of life I am truly blessed for."

Thank you so much Carrie, for all your hard work!!!!! We love you!