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Mug Shots: Meet Jeremiah Clynke

Dan Haggerty as Grizzly Adams

Dan Haggerty as Grizzly Adams

Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes of Colorado's First Craft Brewery? We'll take you beyond the beer you love to drink with our blog series titled, "Mug Shots." There are a lot of folks here at Boulder Beer who play a huge role in our day to day success. This is our way of introducing you to the team that makes it all happen. You may have read Bill Pringle's Mug Shot back in January, but if not, here is a little excerpt: "Bill has become known for creating nicknames for each and every one of the guys on the Production Team. A Nickname is not official unless it has been approved by Bill. His favorite nicknames include (but are not limited to) 'Milky,' 'Giggles' and 'Andy Pandy.'" In this month's Mug Shot, we'd like to introduce you to Jeremiah Clynke, better known as Meat Loaf.

Meat Loaf started at Boulder Beer 3 years ago this September on the packaging team. He has recently switched over to work in Shipping & Receiving. (Congrats on the new position, Loaf!) Bill now likes to call Meat Loaf; "Crazy Fork Lift Driver." Meat Loaf was born and raised in Boulder, Colorado and currently resides in South Boulder. He is of Belgian descent and is the 5th generation on his father's side of the family to reside in Boulder. An only child, Meat Loaf enjoyed spending time with his many cousins growing up. He attended the University of Northern Colorado where he earned a degree in Criminal Justice and Sociology. 

Fun Fact: Meat Loaf's father (Chris) and grandfather (Marvin) both were part of the team that built the very foundation of our current facility here at Boulder Beer back in 1984. Also, his grandfather Marv, is very well known in the archery community as an avid bowhunting promoter who's helped elevate the sport over the past few decades. He is admired for his craftsmanship and hunting skills. Read more about Marv Clynke here.

Colorado is known for being an outdoorsy state and Meat Loaf takes full advantage of the activities Colorado has to offer. His hobbies include skiing, camping, hunting, fishing, hiking and biking. He has been skiing since he was 4 years old and loves challenging himself with new feats. Over Memorial Day weekend, he climbed the 14er, Mount Quandary, and skied down! His favorite Boulder brew is Buffalo Gold and he also enjoys to drink seasonal brews such as Cold Hop, fRYEd and Kinda Blue. His favorite item on the menu at the pub is the Firetrack Chicken Sandwich, add bacon and cheddar with fries. "It's the ultimate hangover cure," said Meat Loaf. His favorite events he's worked in the past are the Brewer's Rendezvous in Salida and the Golden Chili Cook-Off where he had fun working with Boulder promo rep, Kassidy Kaylor. 

He started his new position in May 2015 and works on the receiving end of the shipping department. With only three people in shipping and receiving, the shifts are approximately from 7am-3pm, 9am-5pm and 10am-6pm or 11am-7pm, making Meat Loaf the 'night shift guy.' He is responsible for setting up the cooler for the morning, organizing cold storage, building loads, receiving loads, and unloading trucks. "I love driving the fork lift!" said Meat Loaf. "I also enjoy sleeping in." On the packaging team, he was used to shifts that started as early as 4:30am. Some challenges that come with the new position are learning to load the trucks and build the orders. (Because of proper weight distribution, height distribution and spacing techniques.) Though he still gets to work with the guys on the packaging team, Meat Loaf said he misses working with Bill as much as he used to. 

In winter 2015 and 2016, Meat Loaf is looking forward to more skiing and reaching his goal of skiing at least 60 days in the season. "I'm also looking forward to having fun at the Great American Beer Festival this September and trying lots of beer," said Loaf. "I'm excited to see what new beers will join Boulder Beer's lineup in 2016 as well." Meat Loaf's past job experience includes line cook, construction, and selling newspapers. We asked Meat Loaf just exactly what kind of meat loaf he would be, and he replied, "Veal Loaf." On second thought, he changed his mind to "Wild Game Loaf" because, "I'm a wild mountain man- you never know what you're gonna get!" Well, there's that and the fact that it goes better with your Grizzly Adams look.

While his nickname is indeed Bill approved, it was actually created by fellow shipping and receiving employee, Kevin Eagle on Meat Loaf's very first day at Boulder Beer. The inspiration behind the nickname? You'll have to check out the Will Ferrell scene from Wedding Crashers to find out! We asked Meatloaf to share a special memory he has from his years working here, and he referred to LaLa's going away party where he "never saw Bill laugh so hard." (The details of this party will have to remain a mystery.) Trust us, it's for the better. In closing, we asked Loaf to share with us any advice he has for people looking to get into the brewing industry. "You have to get your foot in the door somewhere," said Meat Loaf. "It really doesn't matter where. You must have good work ethics and be willing to work hard."

Thanks so much, Loaf, for all you do!