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Mug Shots: Meet Leo Marcelo

Leo Mug-Shot low res.jpg

Take a peek beyond the beer you love to drink with our blog series titled, "Mug Shots." There are a lot of folks here at Boulder Beer who play a huge role in our day to day success. This is our way of introducing you to the team that makes it all happen. It’s time for you to meet one of our packaging dudes, Leo Marcelo!

Leo was born in the Philippines and moved to Colorado when he was 7 years old with his family. He may be an only child, but his best friend Ben who is a brewer at Boulder Beer fits in well as Leo’s honorary sibling. Ben was the one who got Leo the packaging job back in the fall of 2015. Leo also has a dog named Milli who was named after the song ‘A Milli’ by Lil Wayne. When asked if Milli liked the song Leo said “it’s her favorite.”

When Leo isn’t working he enjoys anything outdoors. “I like to climb, fish, mountain bike, and travel when possible.” He has been to Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, New Zealand, Hawaii, and Europe. He actually learned how to drive a stick shift in Switzerland and said “it was terrifying with the steep roads and cliffs.” Leo hopes to one day live in Hawaii and spend his days fishing and listening to reggae.  

Leo’s favorite menu item at Boulder Beer is the teriyaki Thai breaded cauliflower and likes it best when paired with Mojo IPA. His favorite memory at Boulder Beer was when “Ben and I both worked the morning shift and used to watch the sunrise on the roof, but overall it’s all been fun.”  

Thanks Leo, for all you do! We appreciate you!