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Mug Shots: Meet Linda Grimes

Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes of Colorado's First Craft Brewery? We'll take you beyond the beer you love to drink with our blog series titled, "Mug Shots." There are a lot of folks here at Boulder Beer who play a huge role in our day to day success. This is our way of introducing you to the team that makes it all happen. It's time for you to meet our AP and Payroll Administrator, Linda Grimes.

We all like to get paid, that's a fact. Here at Boulder Beer, Linda is the one who makes that happen. On time, every time.  In addition to holding the key to all of our financial hopes and dreams, Linda wears many other hats here including running custom reports for any department, answering phone calls throughout the day, invoicing and payments. "In addition to payroll process," explained Linda, "I am the first point of contact when someone calls the brewery." She fields all incoming phone calls and puts callers in touch with the right department. Her favorite part of the job is the atmosphere and the staff. "It's like every day is Friday!" Linda exclaimed. She also enjoys building custom reports. "It's fun for me! For example, if the Production Manager wants to look at costs associated with a certain process, I can build a custom report that shows how much we've spent over the past few years and together we can find a way to save money." Reporting also comes in handy when reviewing hours and overtime, budgeting, projections and preparing for an audit. While building reports is a learning process, Linda has some experience from her previous job where she was the office manager for a doctor's office. 

Linda currently lives in Westminster with her husband Eric and their 10 year old son, Ethan. They have two daughters who are both away at college. Linda began working at Boulder Beer in March of 2014 after her husband heard that we were hiring. The ironic part- back in the day, Eric worked for Boulder Beer for over 10 years. We sure love the Grimes family! We asked Linda to start at the beginning and tell us how they met. "It was the day after Valentine's Day," explained Linda. "I was working as an independent contractor running the Floral Department at Costco in Louisville. We went to Old Chicago for celebratory drinks after work." (Valentine's Day is like the Black Friday of the floral industry.) Old Chicago is one of our long time accounts and Eric, our Production Manager at the time, was there hanging out after work. "I noticed this cute young guy in a CU hat," said Linda. The young guy (Eric) approached Linda and her friends from Costco and offered to buy them shots. After the Pineapple Upside Downs and Lemon Drops were ordered by her friends, Linda decided on Patron. Eric knew immediately that he liked her style. They spent the evening chatting and drinking tequila. Eric was just 26 years old at the time and was a very persistent guy. "Even though I was older and had two kids, that did not deter him," said Linda. What a cougar! They made plans to have dinner the following week. Ten years later, Eric is the reason Linda is here at Boulder Beer! "Even though he's a smart ass sometimes," said Linda, "I love him very much. He is a great husband and father."

The Grimes' are a very athletic family. Linda used to compete in Olympic length triathlons and 100 mile bike rides. In fact, the last 100 mile ride she participated in was the CU Buffalo Bike Classic (an event we still sponsor to this day) years ago with Boulder Beer President, Jeff Brown and Brewmaster, David Zuckerman. "We also used to play Ultimate Frisbee with David," said Linda. Her daughters both play soccer and her son plays lacrosse, football and basketball. Her daughter Morgan plays collegiate soccer in Colorado. In addition to watching her kids play sports, Linda enjoys Zumba, hiking, skiing, reading and drinking wine. "I like my wine like I like my beer," Linda said. "Dark and full bodied." She also enjoys spending time with her husband cooking together, walking the dogs and camping. Her favorite Boulder brew is Shake Chocolate porter and she loves the Reuben sandwich at the pub. Her favorite food in general is Salmon, or anything cooked for her by someone else! Linda studied Marine Biology at Metro State then moved out to California for 5 years where she worked as a merchandising rep and an occasional fashion show model for Guess Jeans. In 2016, Linda is most looking forward to focusing on time for herself now that the girls are off to college, more time with her husband, getting back on her bike, and hiking a 14'er with her family. She is also looking forward to continuing to expand her craft beer knowledge. "Each style of beer has something different to offer," said Linda. "I was always a wine drinker, but now I enjoy the craft of brewing. If you don't think you like craft beer, give it a try! You may surprise yourself."       

Colorado natives, the majority of Linda's family live in the Metro area. She is the youngest of four and has two sisters and one brother. "I'm very close with my family," said Linda. "We'll be having 25 people over to our house for Thanksgiving." Well, good thing you like to cook with your hubby! Fun fact:  Linda's Great Great Great (Great?) Grandfather, George Simpson, was a famous scout, trader, pioneer and explorer who settled in the Trinidad area around 1848 with his wife, Juana Suaso and daughter Isabel. He was a county clerk and a member of the first public school board. He is also credited with the first discovery of gold in Colorado leading up to the famous Rush to the Rockies. If you visit Trinidad today, you will find Simpson's Rest- a historic sandstone bluff where George Simpson was laid to rest in 1885. The summit of Simpson's rest offers jaw-dropping views of the Purgatoire Valley, the Santa Fe Trail and cavernous sandstone formations. Read more about Simpson's Rest here and here.

We asked Linda to share a special memory from her time here at Boulder Beer and she fondly recalled last year's staff Christmas party. She and co-worker Joy Bodine played DJ and danced the night away- even when no one else was dancing! "We were our own Tiny Dancers for the night," said Linda. Get it, girls! If you or someone you know are looking to get into the brewing industry, Linda suggests coming in to introduce yourself, familiarizing yourself with beer and keeping a positive attitude. Thanks so much Linda, for all you do and the positive energy you bring to the team!