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Mug Shots: Meet Rodney Taylor

Take a peek beyond the beer you love to drink with our blog series titled, "Mug Shots." There are a lot of folks here at Boulder Beer who play a huge role in our day to day success. This is our way of introducing you to the team that makes it all happen. It’s time for you to meet our Boulder Beer on Walnut Brewmaster, Rodney Taylor!

Rodney is originally from Flint, Michigan and moved to Colorado in 1993. He has been brewing professionally for almost 23 years, 18 of which have been at the Walnut Brewery - now Boulder Beer on Walnut. After living here for 20 years he says that “Colorado definitely feels like home.”

The Taylor family has not just one, but two members in the beer business! Rodney’s younger brother also works in the industry and lives in Colorado. His parents still live in Michigan and he makes a point to visit them at least once a year.

He enjoys brewing at Boulder Beer on Walnut because, “I have always really enjoyed helping in some small way to create an environment where so many great customers and staff could meet new and old friends to share some stories and laughs with a pint or two.” When Rodney finds some time to hang out at the new location, he usually goes for the AllCo Pale which is made with all Colorado ingredients and the hummus wrap which he described as delicious!

“2018 is a Winter Olympic Year!” Rodney is a big Summer and Winter Olympic fan and as a “frustrated/pseudo athlete” he looks forward to the Olympics every other year. He may have called himself a pseudo athlete, but his hobbies tell otherwise - hockey, snowboarding, dirt biking, golfing, kayaking, and fishing. Indoor hobbies include playing video games and reading a good book.

Regarding the opening of Boulder Beer on Walnut, Rodney is most excited about getting to branch out and brew some new styles. “I was already tasked with a New England-style IPA to open with, something I had not made before, and that has been generally well received.” If you haven’t tried the Due East New England-Style IPA or the AllCo Pale make sure to head over to Boulder Beer on Walnut for a pint!

Thanks Rodney, for all you do! We appreciate you!