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Mug Shots: Meet Tyler Jordan

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Take a peek beyond the beer you love to drink with our blog series titled, "Mug Shots." There are a lot of folks here at Boulder Beer who play a huge role in our day to day success. This is our way of introducing you to the team that makes it all happen. It’s time for you to meet one of our servers at the Pub on Wilderness, Tyler Jordan!

Tyler is originally from Georgia, but has lived in Colorado for 12 years. He made the trek out here when his family relocated and hasn’t looked back. Less than a month ago, Tyler got to say “I do” to his now wife Ashley under a beautiful double rainbow at Sunrise Amphitheater. They are living the Colorado newlywed lifestyle along with their wonderful pup Andre.

With 6 years under his belt at the Pub on Wilderness, Tyler had to think long and hard about his favorite Boulder Beer brew, which he decided was “Mojo Risin.” As far as his favorite item on the menu goes, the Ahi Tuna Sandwich with Brussels Sprouts is his go to. The Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich at Boulder Beer on Walnut is a close second only because he doesn’t get the chance to eat it often.

Great American Beer Festival is something that Tyler looks forward to every year. His first experience was during the Saturday night session. If any of you that have been during that time, you know how crazy it can get! He prefers the Thursday night session “because it is more relaxed and there is more of a brewers’ presence.”

When he’s not at work Tyler enjoys the “standard Colorado activities” including hiking, snowboarding, golfing, and cooking. He loves making Thai food and claims that it’s easy to make! “It’s easy, flavorful, and healthy for you!” Tyler is looking forward to his friend’s wedding in the spring in Guatemala. He is planning on making it more of a vacation by taking a week in Mexico then a week in Guatemala. His favorite place to travel is the Dominican Republic, which is where he and Ashley reconnected and have been together ever since!

As for possible new styles of beer for Boulder Beer, Tyler would love a west coast IPA. He enjoys the floral and hoppy notes. Personally he thinks a collaboration beer with Widespread Panic would definitely take the cake!

Thanks Tyler, for all you do! We appreciate you!