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Mug Shots: Shelby Macario

Shelby (left)

Shelby (left)

Take a peek beyond the beer you love to drink with our blog series titled, "Mug Shots." There are a lot of folks here at Boulder Beer who play a huge role in our day to day success. This is our way of introducing you to the team that makes it all happen. It’s time for you to meet our Northern Colorado Sales Rep, Shelby Macario!

Shelby was born in Virginia Beach, VA and a year later moved to Sicily, Italy for 2 years with her parents. She moved to Colorado when she was 3 and has remained in this amazing state ever since. Shelby attended Ralston Valley High in Arvada and then went on to the University of Colorado Boulder to double major in Psychology and Sociology (class of 2015). Both majors are applicable to her career as she says “beer is a form of therapy.”

Almost 4 years after starting at Boulder Beer, Shelby has become one of the most familiar faces around the brewery. She began her journey as a server, then bartender, then manager, then sales intern, and now Sales Rep for “everything the sun touches above Highway 36.” It didn’t take long for Shelby to think of her favorite memory from Boulder Beer – Bill’s birthday party at the bowling alley. Shelby ordered everyone shirts that had Bill’s picture on it and his signature saying “You Behave Yourself.” Everyone showed up to the bowling alley in their shirts and threw Bill an amazing surprise birthday party! Shelby mentioned “I was crying, Bill was crying, even some of the production crew had tears. It was just a really fun day!”

When Shelby isn’t working she enjoys hiking, going to breweries, and traveling when possible. Last August she visited Bailee (former marketing assistant at the brewery) in Australia! She is currently planning a trip to Costa Rica with her boyfriend. As far as where she wants to go in the future, New Zealand, Bali, and Thailand are all at the top of her list. She is also an avid Game of Thrones fan. When asked what she’s most looking forward to in 2018 she said “being only 1 year away from the new season!”

Her family has a deep military background – that’s why she was able to travel around at such a young age. Her mom, step-dad, and sister live in Arvada with their 2 dogs, Kodi and Ozzy. Shelby’s “girl cat named Mike” lives with her boyfriend and her in Boulder. Shelby has molded her entire family into Boulder Beer brand ambassadors. Her family is usually decked out in Boulder Beer gear and if they don’t see Boulder Beer on tap or for sale always mention how delicious our brew is!

Shelby has not one, but three favorite beers:
#1 Kinda Blue Blueberry Wheat
#2 Cold Hop British-Style Ale (FYI Cold Hop is coming back on draft in July 2018!)
#3 Harvest 16 & 17 Fresh Hopped Peach Pale Ale

Even after working in the Pub for 3+ years she still had to peek at the menu to come up with her go-to food order, which is the Prime Rib Sandwich with Ziggy’s French Onion Soup. Next time you see Shelby around town make sure to say hello!

Thanks Shelby, for all you do! We appreciate you!