Our Green Story

 Photo Courtesy of The Brewtography Project

Photo Courtesy of The Brewtography Project

Doing our part to save the planet, one beer at a time. Here are just a few of the extra environmentally-responsible actions we take here at Boulder Beer to help keep our planet a happy place!

The Pub on Wilderness is PACE Certified (Partners for a Cleaner Environment). 

SOME of the eco-friendly steps we take in The Pub on Wilderness include

  • New solar thermal panels on our roof heat all hot water used in the Pub on Wilderness and kitchen, restrooms, and for hand sinks throughout the production brewery. 
  • Use a low temperature dishwasher and a water-saving dishwashing nozzle.
  • Recycle all co-mingleds as well as hard to recycle materials and equipment.
  • Use all recycled or compostable “to go” containers and bags.
  • Recycle kitchen fryer-oil for bio-diesel.
  • Use high-efficiency toilets.
  • Compost food waste.

Earth-Friendly Brewing and Production

  • In 2010 we invested in a new glycol chiller that helped us save 16% in electricity for the year.
  • On average, over 130 tons of our spent grain is reused as feed supplements by local farmers every month.
  • Another local farmer reuses our leftover yeast for pig feed.
  • Our production brewery recovers heated water from the heat-exchanger to use in future brews.
  • We insulate our fermentation tanks to save energy on cooling them down.
  • Our walk-in cooler has economizers that use outside air to cool the warehouse during the cold months of the year, saving energy on refrigeration.
  • Replaced high-intensity discharge lights in the cooler with energy efficient lighting.

Earth-friendly Printing and Packaging

  • Our 6-pack carriers are printed on 100% recycled paperboard.
  • Our bottles are made from 30% recycled glass.
  • Our cardboard case boxes are made from 45% recycled materials.
  • The ink used to print our labels is made from 100% vegetable oil (no petroleum). This is the safest and most environmentally friendly ink in the industry.
  • Our disposable keg cups are made of corn and completely compostable.
  • Our coasters are made from 35% recycled paperboard.
  • Our letterhead is 100% recycled.

Earth-friendly HR

  • Our company is committed to alternative transportation. We offer Eco Passes as a benefit to all employees so they can ride the city and regional buses for free.
  • Many of our staff members also commute to work on their bikes, which prompted us to become the first business in Boulder to adopt a portion of a city bike path, keeping it clean and safe.