Harvest 17 Fresh-Hopped Peach Pale Ale

Introducing Harvest 17 -- a Fresh-Hopped Peach Pale Ale to celebrate the 2017 harvest season!  Harvest 17 will be fresh-hopped* with Cascades from the Still Wind Hop Farm on Colorado’s Western Slope, imparting a piney, fruity hop flavor and aroma.  Fresh peach puree will also be added during cold-conditioning, complementing the hop character and slightly sweet maltiness.

*Brewed with fresh off the bine (not vine!) wet hops!  This provides a unique hop experience with a more complete hop flavor and aroma due to the presence of volatile oils that are normally evaporated out during the drying process.  These fresh hop flowers must be used within 24 hours of harvest!

ABV  →  6.8% ABV

IBU  →  38

Malts  → 2 Row Pale Malt, 40L Caramel Malt

Hops  →  Nugget, Cascade, Willamette and Cascade Wet-Hops

Seasonal  →  Extremely Limited Availability    1/2 BBL