Position: Microbiology Lab Intern at Boulder Beer Company
Requirements: Must be 21 or older, must have some lab or biology experience
Hours: Flexible. Monday-Friday at least one of those days
Compensation: Unpaid internship with beer benefits

  •  Aseptic Technique: The most important aspect to a laboratory setting. Understanding aseptic technique protects the integrity of the lab and the results that come out of it.
  •  Microbiological Plating: This includes filter plating, spot plating, and streak plating. Together, these techniques can help us isolate and identify bacteria to determine contaminants and brewery implications.
  •  Gram Staining: Paired with plating techniques, gram identification of bacteria helps determine implications in brewery processes.
  •  Pipetting: Confidence in pipette operations is necessary for plating techniques.
  •  Data Entry: Involves math skills to determine cells/ml. Organization is important, as is the ability to cross-examine data and infer implications.
  •  Yeast Testing: Involves cell counts and viability, as well as intermediate microscope skills.
  • PCR: Background knowledge is appreciated but not required, sometimes involves staying late or coming in early

Please email your resume and cover letter to jobs@boulderbeer.com and include "Lab Intern" in the subject line.